3D Illuminated Signage

Your Signarama sign expert will always consult extensively with regard to your needs and requirements. They will take in to account the type of business you are, the type of client you wish to attract, the budget that you have to allocate to the project, and the outcomes that you are expecting the project to achieve.

With these points in mind, one of the higher budget, but most effective signage solutions are to utilise 3-dimensional individual cut out internally illuminated lettering or logos. These are great to achieve very high impact signage day or night. This solution is at the premium end of solutions, which is why all the most successful brands and shopping centres demand they are used.

Many unique effects can be used. Such as the ‘halo’ effect, where the main face of the lettering or logo does not transmit light, but light fixed to the reverse side of the letters causes light to be thrown on to the back wall, creating a glow or halo effect around the letters. Or perhaps illuminate the face of the letters, but have solid sides to focus the light through the front face of the letters.

Traditionally, these letters have been internally illuminated with neon, but today far more cost effective and energy efficient solutions are LED’s.

Your Signarama Solutions consultant will work with you to design the best possible solution. We will take photos and measurements of your building, collate all the necessary branding components, and then our professional in-house Design team will work with you to create the best possible, high impact signage solution to fit in to your budget. They will super-impose the proposed signage on to the photos of the building so that you can see the size and scale of the signage before you give final approval to proceed.