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Sustainable Lightbox Signage
Written by Trine Larsen

4 Things To Consider About Sustainable Lightbox Signage

In high traffic areas, light box signage is a brilliant way to frame the entrance of your premises. A well placed lightbox draws attention to your business and increases brand awareness. They can be used externally on a fascia or pylon signage, and internally as static displays, window mounted or above a reception area. This signage solution can be customised to suit the available space, and is a cost effective solution for a long term investment into your brand identity.

Although at times sustainability can seem like a fad topic, if you break it down to its bare bones, sustainable work practices can save a business money in the long term, and on the flip side aim to minimise your businesses impact on the environment. When it comes to lit signage, sustainability is of relevance, due to the ongoing resources required to power the sign. When considering a signage manufacturer in Perth, you should consider these following factors to make your lightbox signage sustainable:

Energy Efficient Lighting: Advancements in light technology has opened the doors to a variety of sustainable options, specifically in the world of LED lights. LED stands for light emitting diode these diodes contain a small electronic semi-conductor that converts electric energy into emitted light. Research shows that LED’s with the Energy Star rating can be 90% more efficient than those powered with fluorescent tubes. Another brownie point for team LED, is the fact they operate at a lower temperature than traditional fluorescent light bulbs or tubes. Fluro lit signage can use 30% more energy just from the heat that is generated during their operation. This is a wasted resource and in the long term costly when you eventually need to replace the face of the sign from heat blackspots.

Durable Lighting: Due to the way they are manufactured LEDs are more rugged, with an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before requiring replacement. Also unlike florescent tubes that require careful disposal, LEDs do not contain mercury or lead to operate within the tube and are less likely to shatter.

If you are considering lightbox signage for your business, definitely request that it be illuminated using LED bulbs, that way you can ensure energy saving from the moment you switch your signage on. If you have existing signage with older fluorescent tubes, consider consulting a licensed electrician about the possibility of an upgrade to LED lighting alternatives.

Time Your Usage: If you really want to lower your carbon footprint, consider consulting with a licensed electrician to set your illuminated signage on a timer. Depending on the nature of your business, it will govern if your lightbox is on during trade (menus board or window displays) or if you have it on outside of trade hours (external fascia or pylon). Either way, you can be more energy efficient if you set your signage to only be on during peak exposure periods and have it automatically turn off when it isn’t required.

Consider a Green Print: Signs WA Joondalup is proud to partner with 3M for its vinyls. We are especially proud of their dedication to improving sustainability through the products they manufacture. A new wave of vinyls are being introduced to the market, all of which are greener alternatives to other competitors. The 3M Envision range is a non-pvc solution that is still manufactured with their trademarked Comply Adhesive micro technology. 3M’s Envision range is specifically created for LED lights to enhance colour vibrance as well as mask the internal mechanisms of the lightbox. Couple that with a maximum durability of 11 years in the right conditions*, the Envision range is a suitable and sustainable solution for lightbox graphics.

Realistically, all of these factors are going to contribute to sustainable signage, and if you choose Signs WA Joondalup to assist you with your lightbox signage, we will guide you through all the options available and help you make the best decision for your signage needs. By having these conversations at the start of the project our team can ensure that your investment is built for purpose, as well as giving your business the exposure it deserves. If you want more information feel free to view our Illuminated Signage guide and more importantly contact our friendly team today.

*consult manufacturer’s warranty for more information

With recent advancements in technology there are several sustainable solutions the Signs WA Joondalup team can recommend as part of your signage offering. When embarking on a job, our dedicated sales team will audit your premises and assess what type of signage works best for your business needs.


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