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Choosing the Right Signage for Your Business

Even in today’s digital marketing era, there is still a time and place for using signage. When implemented correctly, signage can generate product interest, encourage foot traffic, and increase brand awareness. The problem is that many business owners aren’t exactly sure which type of signage they should use. If you use inc signage, not only […]

What You Need to Know About Van Signwriting

What You Need to Know About Van Signwriting If you’re a small to medium-sized business that uses a company van for conveying your goods, then you may want to consider van signwriting in Perth. Van signage is growing in popularity over the years, especially for SMEs who are looking to promote their business in a […]

How to Make Signage Work For Your Business

Signage is often an overlooked part of a business. Too often we see outdated, badly designed, faded, or even missing signage on businesses we pass in our day to day lives, but if you want to boost your sales, signage can play a key part in helping your business thrive. Don’t make the mistake of […]

A Guide to Choosing a Sign Company

Signage plays an important role in reinforcing your brand’s visual identity. If you want to make the most out of your signage, you have to choose a sign company that knows how to make high-quality signs. Not only should the signs be durable, but they should also be indicative of your brand’s image. With that […]

Signs WA and the ASGA

Established roughly 40 years ago, the Australian Sign & Graphics Association has been the representative body for the sign and graphics industry in Australia. It covers the whole spectrum of signmakers, engravers, sign installers, signwriters, graphic designers, sign educators and apprentices, as well as sign industry suppliers. The ASGA encourages the highest standards from its […]

What are the Best Materials to Use for Outdoor Business Signs?

While most businesses today have transitioned to digital advertising, there are still brick-and-mortar stores that make use of outdoor signage. Outdoor signs help businesses draw in foot traffic by leading customers to your shop. It’s a tried and true method for advertising your products and services, especially if your store is located in a highly-populated […]

The Downsides of Using DIY Digital Signage for Your Business

When it comes to building digital signage for your business, it can be quite tempting to go the do-the-it-yourself route. After all, there are plenty of cost savings to made for building an advertising system from scratch. Business signs are both versatile and adaptable which makes it very attractive to business owners who are looking […]

Choosing the Right Font for Your Company Signage

One of the most important elements in virtually any design is the font choice. Regardless if you’re building a website or creating company signage, the type of font you use will impact its overall look and feel. Since company signs are viewed from further away, the font style, case, and content should be as cohesive […]

Top 8 Materials You Can Use for Your Business Lobby Signs

They say first impressions last and this definitely holds true for any business. One way to create a good first impression is by using a tasteful and well-made lobby sign. Lobby signs do more than just direct your customers; they also communicate your brand image and your level of professionalism. Whether your brand is colourful […]

How a Sign Company Creates Custom Signs

Custom signs play an important role in helping your business stand out from the competition. It helps convey your message more effectively and captures the attention of potential customers, thus leading to increased foot traffic and sales. A lot goes into sign making that truly represents a brand and the whole fabrication process may vary […]

5 Benefits of Using Custom Signs for Your Business

Whether you’re building your brand for the first time or you’re looking to expand your horizons, creating custom signs is a great way to breathe life into your business. They help capture your customer’s attention, they project your brand image in a creative way, and they help direct foot traffic to your establishment. Custom signs […]

The Importance of Signwriting to a Business

When it comes to brand management, one of the key elements you should consider is signage. Using signage allows you to communicate with your target audience in a way that’s unique to your company and brand image. This can be achieved by hiring a professional sign writing company that can create attractive signs for your […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Signwriter for Your Business

Hiring a signwriter may feel quite daunting of a task. After all, they are the ones responsible for conveying the exact message you want your customers to understand. A good signwriter knows how to mix and match design elements that will put your business on the map and attract the right people. But the big […]

Insta worthy Entry Signage!

In our online world it is hard the think of how we can use signage to boost a business’ online presence, but with 3D Signage when used correctly, the two can intertwine. Social media has created multiple platforms to communicate with existing and potential customers. Posts are shared in live time for activities, promotions and […]

Pre and post Covid – should Perth business owners take a different approach?

Over the past 6 months, as a community we haven’t seen as much; change, innovation, the need to adjust and rapidly adapt than most Perth business owners are likely to experience in their entire business careers. 2020 started out with a sense of optimism in the air. The business was steadily growing, interest rates were […]

Monomeric, polymeric and cast vinyl, what is the difference?

If you’ve ever been in a sign shop to talk about your signage, you may have heard terms like polymeric, monomeric, cast and calendered vinyl. If you don’t know what it means, don’t worry Signs WA Joondalup is here to set the record straight so that next time you hear these terms you know their […]

Does Your Building Signage Make The Right Impression

At Signs WA Joondalup, we’re a sign company in Perth that’s been in the signage business for over 20 years, and over those years, we have learnt a lot about signage, and the best practices to help your signage make the best possible impression on your clients.  Signs communicate with your potential clients directly in […]

Conformable vinyl and the importance of post heating

Vehicle graphics needs to be installed using high-end conformable vinyl, and here at Signs WA Joondalup, we use only the best, and are one of only a few Australian companies who are 3M Select platinum Graphic providers. However, using the right vinyl is not enough, you also need to know how to install it for […]

Signage purpose and how it affects construction method

Typically, signage is created for a few common purposes, such as promoting a business, give directions, provide information and safety awareness. In our daily lives we’re constantly bombarded with signage. Drive down the street, and you’ll be told by signage how fast you should drive. In the park, you’ll be met with wayfinding signs to […]

Tips for removing vinyl from your vehicle

Will the vinyl vehicle signage wrap be easy to remove from my car? This is a question we hear a lot, and if your car is wrapped in high quality 3M vinyl, then yes, it is easy. All you need is a bit of heat and some hard yakka. However, before you start ripping your […]

What have we learnt during our 20 years of being in business?

Signs WA Joondalup have been in business for 20 years. We have had our ups and downs, but we are stronger than ever. Over the 20 years we have operated in the signage industry, we have learnt a lot of valuable lessons, and we thought we’d share them with our readers.    Stick with one […]

4 Things To Consider About Sustainable Lightbox Signage

In high traffic areas, light box signage is a brilliant way to frame the entrance of your premises. A well placed lightbox draws attention to your business and increases brand awareness. They can be used externally on a fascia or pylon signage, and internally as static displays, window mounted or above a reception area. This […]

What Are The Different Types Of Vehicle Wraps Available

At Signs WA Joondalup we design and install a lot of vehicle wraps. So we understand all the choices and pitfalls when it comes to vehicle signage. For any company embarking on a car wrap, there is a lot to consider, and before starting on design ideas, a budget has to be decided upon. Many […]

How Commercial Wraps Differ From Colour Change Wraps

Here at Signs WA Joondalup we daily get the question. “Do you do vehicle wraps?” to which we proudly reply “Yes, what kind of wrap or graphics are you after?” This question often causes confusion, and for good reason. Most people don’t know the different variations available. Read on and we will try to enlighten […]

Science Behind Car Wrap Design

As we have previously stated in our blog post, on why consistency is important in fleet graphics, vehicle wraps are amongst the most effective ways to advertise your company. But that’s only the case if the design on your vehicle does its job. There are so many cars around with subpar designs in terms of visibility. […]

Important Things To Consider When Choosing Building Signage.

Branding your business right can help your company grow long term, and given its impact, building signage is a great way to reach a broad audience.  Signs are a visual means to communicate with customers, and first impressions matter; so, in turn, does your building signs. Nothing looks worse for a business than dated and […]

Why Is Consistency Important For Your Vehicle Fleet Graphics?

It’s a known fact that well-designed vehicle graphics are one of the best, and most cost-effective ways to promote your business. This is one reason car wraps are fast becoming the preferred method of advertisement for many companies. It is estimated that a vehicle wrap costs only 4 cents per thousand impressions, which is significantly […]

How To Maintain your Car Wrap

Vehicle graphics and car wraps are a significant investment in your business. Therefore, it is important to keep them clean and well maintained. Doing this will ensure the 3M vinyl graphics on your car, truck, van or boat represents your brand in the best possible light for years. Not only, will keeping your car graphics […]