External Building Signs in Perth, Western Australia

Your Perth building signs can be a critical factor in ensuring the success of your business, by maximising your building signage visibility and creating a great first impression. It is pointless paying high rent, and spending countless hours searching for a suitably high profile location, if the signage that you brand the building with is not going to reflect your business in a positive light.

Example Building Signage Perth

Eye catching building signs can be critical to your business success.

The largest and most successful brands in the World spend a lot of time and money ensuring that their business is visually attractive.

Signs WA Joondalup can supply a wide range of custom external Building Signage for your Perth business, including;

At Signs WA Joondalup, we have specialist Consultation, Design, Production and Installation Teams who will be able to assist you with the specification and design of your Perth building signs to get the best and most effective possible impact to fit within your budget. It is what we do best, and have been doing consistently for the last 30 years.

You can check out many examples of our signage design projects at our Flikr album.

Your Signs WA Account Manager will consult extensively with regard to your Perth building signage requirements including expected outcomes, budget allocated, time frames for your project, and advise you how to achieve maximum brand consistency within the budget available.

And did you know you can also finance your building signage to help manage your cashflow.

External Business Signage is not the only way to create a great first impression with prospects and customers, check out our Internal Signage or Office Signage options

Which Sign Type Should You Choose

The design of sign you want for your business should reflect your company as a whole. At the same time, it needs to deliver on its primary objective to reach its maximum visibility and fit in with the actual building your company occupies.

Options for building signage includes, but is not limited to, 3D Illuminated signs, Illuminated letter signage. Fascia signs, Awning signs, Lightbox signs, ACP Signs, full building signage, single panel signs and so forth.

Often company branding will indicate what works best for you when considering what to design. It is very important that the signage you choose reflects your overall branding and ties in with all aspects of your business to give a sense of cohesion to your company. At other times, the building you occupy will set limitations for what you can do.

And now to the big question; does your sign need to be illuminated?

Are you a company that mainly operates during the day? Then perhaps you don’t need illuminated signs, but if you are a restaurant, bar or another business operating during the twilight hours, illuminated signage is essential for you to be seen by your target audience.

Even if you are a daytime company, illuminated signage can still work in your favour, especially if you are in a well trafficked area. Even after business hours, your illuminated signs have the potential to reach clients who pass by at night. This way you can catch people’s attention 24 hours a day. 

More so, another option is to consider block out signage, as in window graphics. Do you want a bit of privacy? Why not use your branding to create a stunning graphic, to catch people’s eye as well as give your business the privacy it needs to operate?

Let us assist you in navigating all the possible decisions to help you with how best to reflect your company through your building signage and design the perfect signs for your Perth business.