Illuminated Lightbox Signage

A lot of businesses require illumination of their signage, but want to do so within a reasonable budget. This is where a light box sign can be an ideal solution. Light boxes are generally made from an extrusion 150mm to 200mm deep. They are internally illuminated with LED’s (more so than fluorescent tubes) now, which makes them a very cost effective option to purchase, and then to run. The faces are normally constructed with opal acrylic.

With regard to light boxes, and other illuminated signs, it is very important to use high quality translucent vinyl that is specifically designed to illuminate and transmit light evenly and consistently. If cheaper, non-translucent films are used, then the illumination can be very blotchy and inconsistent.

Light boxes can come in various configurations including:

  • Single Sided. Great for light boxes that are installed on to a wall or building fascia.
  • Double Sided. Ideal for a location where a light box sits on top of a roof or counter top.
  • Under Awning Light Box. These can be single or double sided. A perfect solution for above pavements or sidewalks when you are trying to attract night time customers in to your restaurant or other business. These normally hand from the roof or awning above. The light box is fixed to ‘droppers’ which are in turn fixed to the awning above.
  • Light boxes with 3-dimensional lettering or logos stuck to the face.

For ideas and practical examples of the lightbox options outlined above, view our Illuminated Signage Guide.

Lightbox Signage Examples

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FAQs Illuminated Lightbox Signage

Traditionally our light boxes have been internally illuminated with Fluorescent tubes. Most recently, we have been using LEDs to internally illuminate our light boxes. They give a far more even spread of light, are more energy efficient, cause less maintenance problems, and are longer lasting. Light boxes illuminated with Fluorescent tubes can have ‘hot spots’ and uneven lighting issues. LED’s eliminate this from happening.

Our light boxes are exceptionally well built. In addition to the aluminium extrusion that makes up the external edges of the light box, we use internal braces for further strengthening of the box. When comparing quotes, it is hard to know the quality of the light box that you will get.

Signarama has been operating in Australia and Worldwide for over 30 years now, so you can be assured that we will always be here to back our quality, and to stand behind the quality of our product.

We can supply single sided light boxes fitted directly to a wall or fascia, double sided light box, under awning (either single or double sided sign), or we can do 3 dimensional light boxes with ‘push through’ lettering to combine the benefits of a light box, but still with a 3D component.

If you own a restaurant, shopping centre, cinema, petrol station, or any other business that trades at night, we would highly recommend illuminated signage. Additionally, if your business is one that relies on brand exposure, and you wish to extend that in to the night, a light box is ideal. As a professional signage company that has been trading in Perth and Joondalup for over 17 years, our experienced team are happy to assist and guide you to achieve the best possible result.