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Window Signage, Graphics & Films

Windows are often the forgotten areas that can be used to extend the building signage to create greater impact, advertise short term sales, create privacy within an office, or block out heat and sun.

Various types of window sign solutions are available. These include:

  • Frosted or dusted window film. Great for a high class and subtle approach to your signage. We use 3M Frosted window graphics normally, as it is high quality, and will last for many years. Your logo or branding can be ‘reverse cut’ out of a solid film panel applied to glass, or the lettering and logo can be cut from the film and applied to the window, leaving clear glass around it.
  • Full colour solid vinyl graphics applied directly to the glass surface. This film can be applied directly to the outside of glass, or internally. Great for either short term or long term. Perfect if you require the windows to be completely blocked out in certain areas. Why not use your windows to advertise a sale, or new release?
  • One Way Vision or Contra Vision perforated window film. Perfect for short or medium term use where you want to be able to see out the windows, but have a message on the outside. Not a block out film, so some light is still transmitted to the inside of the building. This is the same type of film used on the windows of cars, trucks and taxi’s.
  • Clear printed vinyl graphics. An optically clear solution where we print on optically clear film This allows the message still to be seen, but also you can see through the graphics to the inside of the building. This film allows for maximum visibility in to the building and maximum light transmission. A very subtle, but highly professional external window signage solution.

Did you know that frosted window films & graphics can also be a great way to provide privacy for internal office spaces or to display your brand. Check out examples of our internal window films

Or perhaps rather than Window Signage you might like to consider other forms of external building signage, see Building Signs Perth, for a comprehensive overview.

Window Graphics & Films Examples

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FAQs Window Signage, Graphics & Films

After our Signage Consultant has met to discuss your needs and take photos and measurements of your windows, our Professional Graphic Design team will take your brief and supplied ideas, and super-impose the signage designs at full-scale on to the photos of your location. They will then await your feedback for changes, or approval of the artwork.

Remember, it is our job and goal to make your business stand out and look great for the long term, so we are prepared to take the time to get it right.

Absolutely! There is a very big range of quality vinyl graphic window films offered to the Perth market place. To ensure our customers receive true value for money and longevity out of their window signage, we commit to using only the best quality 3M window films.

Our Signage Consultants will assist and advise you to choose the best possible branding solution to suit your needs. Options include:

3M frosted of 3M dusted vinyl window film. This is a great solution to block out vision, heat and glare, but do so in a very classy and high impact manner. Signs WA Joondalup we can also print directly on to this film in full colour, or cut sections out to allow partial vision if required. The options are endless.

Solid full colour vinyl graphics applied directly to the inside, or external surface of the window. A great solution for the highest impact graphics, giving you full blockout of the windows. Our full colour graphic films are over-laminated with a 3M protective laminate film to further extend the life of your window signs.

One way vision, or contra vision film. A great way to achieve the high-impact advertising coverage of a solid vinyl, with the added benefit of being able to see outside of the building from the inside. This is achieved as the film is not solid. It is made up of a number of minute holes. This is the same window graphic film that is used on cars, taxis, buses and trucks you see driving around Perth.

Clear film. A great solution when you want a full colour image, but with the semi-transparency of one way vision, but that is able to be viewed equally from either inside or outside of the building.