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Written by Trine Larsen

Signage purpose and how it affects construction method

Typically, signage is created for a few common purposes, such as promoting a business, give directions, provide information and safety awareness. In our daily lives we’re constantly bombarded with signage. Drive down the street, and you’ll be told by signage how fast you should drive. In the park, you’ll be met with wayfinding signs to help guide you, whereas, in the workplace, you’ll encounter health and safety signs. Lastly, when you go shopping, you’re looking at the signage branding to help you make the decision on where to shop. All these signs are built and designed for a specific purpose.

Who is your target audience?

This is an important question to consider before embarking on any type of signage for your company. What type of clientele are you hoping to attract? Consider hotel signage. You have the Hilton hotels vs a youth hostel like YHA Australia. They might offer a similar service, but their target audiences are very different, and so must their signage be.

The Hilton hotel signage is clean, crisp and stylish. High-end products are used throughout their hotels. They make use of Router-cut lettering in their wayfinding as well as throughout their fascia signage. These construction methods give an air of professionalism and luxury. As a bonus, their Logo is clean and elegant with minimal use of colour. All this together creates an air of style, sophistication, and that all-important High-end feeling, which will help the Hilton to attract the audience suited for their business.

As a contrast, we have the youth hostel YHA Australia. Their target audience is, unlike the Hilton hotel, young people who want to travel on a budget. And throughout Australia, their signage helps portray this to their customers. Often, the YHA signage is single panel ACP signs with printed colourful graphics to the face. When they opt for 3D signage, they often use painted acrylics, with vibrant colours. The use of colour helps give them a more youthful vibe and will help attract the right clientele. As a bonus, many YHA hostels will incorporate some wall art into their buildings to help create a playful atmosphere suited to their young clientele. In their logo, they employ a green graphic in an orange circle, promoting unity. Their colours are bright, and the graphics inside the circle show a house and a tree. Nice and simple. This logo tells their potential customer who and what they’re all about.

Both these examples work for their intended target audience, and that makes for good signage in our book. Signage doesn’t always have to be complicated or expensive to make the right impression on the audience you’re trying to reach.

Choosing materials and construction methods and why it’s important.

Now we have touched on branding and target audience, we want to discuss how signs are made and what purpose the construction must serve. There are hundreds of different types of signs out there. So before charging ahead, you must consider what is the purpose of my sign?

Portable Signage: As an example, let’s look at signage for a market stall or mobile business. The purpose of the signage is to attract clients to your market stall or locate your “pop-up” style business, but there’s more factors to consider in regard to the signage. A market stall is not a permanent fixture, so the construction of the signage must reflect that. Opting for heavy steel frames and cumbersome router cut aluminium text simply won’t work. The signage for a market stall needs to be as portable as the stall itself. Additionally, the sign panels often need to be easily interchangeable to allow for season changes to what is selling or being promoted on any given day. A great option for something like this is an Aframe with easily interchangeable panels or grass spike coreflutes. These signs are easy to pack up and store when not in use, and as the graphics are interchangeable, they are budget friendly to replace, giving the user the option to quickly focus on a new product when needed.

Another great option is what we call retractable banners. These banners contain internal roller mechanisms that guide the graphics within the base when not in use. The base works as protection for the graphics. Many companies opt to have several of these and will use whichever one is relevant on the day or for the setting; as the bases available suit indoor and outdoor applications. Should your message or product change, you can easily reprint the graphic and have the Retractable banner reskinned. In market stalls in particular, the use of easily transportable banners is a great and cost-effective signage option, and with the right setup, these banners can look just as inviting as any other signage. The options for portable signage are endless, and the important thing is that the signage and materials you choose serve the right purpose of making your market stall or “pop-up” business easy to move, while at the same time compliment your brand.

Permanent building signage is a little different. When choosing permanent signage, the most important thing to consider is longevity, even when you’re on a budget. Luckily, there are many options out there for long lasting signs at lower costs.

As in the hotel example above, the types of materials you choose will have an effect of how your brand is portrayed to potential customers. Your permanent building signage is the first impression you make to your customers, so choosing the right options is key to successful signage. Signage construction will inevitably come down to who your target audience is. High-end retailers often opt for similar signage construction methods as the Hilton example above. These sort of methods, will tell your customers, that you’re a high-end brand. But if you choose these construction methods for something like a dollar store, you will find your client expectations of your brand to be completely off, and you will inevitably lose customers.

Signage isn’t all about the work that went into designing your logo or your visual brand, which is of course as important, but the right method of signage construction, can be what makes or breaks any sign.

Internal signage and the importance of branding consistency.

We have spoken a lot of external signage and capturing the right target audience, but internal signage is also important for any company. Once that first impression has been made outside, your client will inevitably walk inside, and if what was promised by the external signage, isn’t reflected your client might not feel compelled to give you their business.

Once you choose a direction, it’s important to keep your brand consistent, and this goes for inside as well as outside.

Internal signage is very versatile. It can come in the form of displays, welcoming reception signs, wayfinding signage, promotional signage, wall graphics etc…

A great example of internal and external signage working together is McDonalds. It’s a brand we all know, and their golden arches are recognisable from anywhere, but have you ever entered one of their stores and doubted that you were in the right place? The answer to that is probably a no. All their stores are fully branded internally and externally. The golden arch logo is prominent both inside and outside, and a very specific colour scheme is utilised throughout their restaurants. Additionally, they are consistent in their use of construction methods. They use mainly painted or vinyl clad illuminated acrylics, with printed menu boards above the counters. Each store even tends to use the same furniture and panel cladding. They opt for bright colours and inviting child friendly motifs. McDonalds is global branding done right; the materials used throughout their stores reflect who they are as a company. They don’t try to lure you in by setting unrealistic expectations that don’t reflect the end product.

If you’re feeling unsure of how to go about choosing the right construction methods that reflect who you are as a company, give our friendly sales team a call today, and they will guide you through all the options available and will help you find what is right for your business.

Let our Perth sign company help you construct the right signage for your target audience.
A business with a good sign, is a sign of a good business.

Written by Trine Larsen

What have we learnt during our 20 years of being in business?

Signarama Joondalup have been in business for 20 years. We have had our ups and downs, but we are stronger than ever. Over the 20 years we have operated in the signage industry, we have learnt a lot of valuable lessons, and we thought we’d share them with our readers. 


  • Stick with one quality media supplier.

Many signage companies trawl through various suppliers to find the best deals of the moment. We take a different approach, one which has saved us many times over the years. At Signarama Joondalup we have partnered up with 3M for our sign vinyl needs, and over the years, we have really come to appreciate the working relationship we have with them. 

We are one of the few graphics companies in Australia to qualify as 3M Select Platinum Graphics Providers. This is a highly sought-after accreditation that is quite difficult to obtain. 3M are widely recognised as a high-quality supplier of materials and products over a wide range of industries and countries. High quality signage vinyl and protective overlaminate is only of use if applied by a company that puts the time into training and helping their staff to gain accreditation, such as training and qualify as 3M advanced Accredited Graphics Applicators. Additionally, within the 3M range, we ensure the various signage components are correctly matched according to the 3M MCS (Matched Component System). 

Warranty claims are easier when you have spent the time to build a relationship with your supplier, and it eliminates the need to work out who you bought from and when you bought the product in the first place, if there’s an issue. Streamlining products also helps track and eliminate mistakes. If you only have a handful of different signage vinyls, then printing on the wrong material is easily avoided. Your staff have intimate knowledge of each product you use, thus making less mistakes. It’s the difference between having to keep track of hundreds of products vs being intimately knowledgeable of five. Additionally, if a client comes back after a few years and want something added to what they originally had made, you don’t then have to scramble to figure out what was done in the past to match the existing.

As an added bonus, sticking with one supplier helps you establish better buying power in the long run, which means better quality for the price of cheaper brands. You no longer have to trawl for the best deals of the cheapest product, when you can have quality brands for similar prices. This mindset can be transported to most types of businesses, consider what you’re buying and how to best streamline your stock for the best results. 

Perth business owners can be confident, when purchasing their signage products from Signarama Joondalup, that they will be of optimum quality. Great value will serve them for many years to come, all backed by a very experienced signage company that has been operating for over 20 years in the Perth business marketplace.


  • Systems are vital. Systemise the routine, humanise the extraordinary.

Having a system to help organise workflow is important. With hundreds of jobs coming through our doors, it’s important to have a way to keep on top of the workload. That’s where a great system comes in, a system where each cog in the wheel can do their job without grinding to a halt whenever there’s an issue. At Signarama Joondalup, we use an online platform to track all our jobs. Each member of our team can log in and make notes on each job as it comes to them. This means all information is logged so everyone can see it. This eliminates a lot of back and forth between sales, design and production and thus saving us a lot of time. As a bonus, we can easily grab old jobs and go through what worked and what didn’t to make sure we keep improving with future works. When it comes to the use of our system, we feel it’s important to listen to our staff. They are the ones using it on a daily basis, so they know best what works for them and what doesn’t, and every system can be improved upon with time. We strive to create a system that works for our team, as each team is different there will be different needs. The most important thing to take away from this point is to never let a system take away the human element of the work, adjust it to your needs to make working easier for your employees. Having a good signage business management system in place helps to ensure that consistency of product and service are the norm, not the exception.


  • Hire the best team. Train them well. Nurture them with great culture.

The success of any business hinges on its staff. Without great staff, you will find staying afloat as a business troublesome. But hiring the best is not enough. You need to train your staff and nurture them in a great company culture. Few highly skilled people will stick around if they are not happy with how things are run. At Signarama Joondalup we have weekly meetings to discuss upcoming jobs, but we also spend this time to listen to each other and figure out how best to approach any problems that may occur. The happiness of our staff is as important to us as the work they do. Happy staff do better work and will stick around for the long haul. We value transparency in our company, and our approach to employee satisfaction means we work together to achieve our final goal of great customer service.


  • Be honest in all dealings.

We all value honesty, and when in business that shouldn’t be any different. Be honest with your clients. Own your mistakes, sometimes even own a mistake that isn’t yours in the interest of keeping great long-term client relationships. If you’re going to miss a deadline, be up front about it; most clients will understand that at times things don’t turn out quite as planned. Have faith in the accepting nature of you customers; If you’re honest with them, they will appreciate it.


  • Market hard.

The key to success is clients coming to your door to give you their business, but no one is going to do that if they don’t know you exist. Marketing, be it online or offline, is just as important as the work you do. Many businesses skip marketing to save time and money, but that’s a mistake. This is especially true during hard times where it’s extra tempting to cut down on marketing your business. But what you’re essentially doing, is hiding your business from potential clients who might be just what you need to make it through a harsh financial climate. Take the time to get marketing right; your business will thank you for it. Signarama Joondalup can be your partner in helping you build your brand and ensure it is highly visibly to your target market. You can benefit from our experience of over 20 years servicing Perth Business customers, as we help enhance and accelerate your business growth.


  • Pick a target market.

Many businesses make the fatal mistake of trying to do everything to broaden their customer base. It’s tempting to offer everything under the sun to your clients, but it’s also rife with risks. The increase to the overheads of your business will soar, that much is obvious, but it also means you become a jack of many trades, but a master at none. Hone-in on what you do best and become masters at it. Offer quality instead of quantity and you will see your business thrive in the long run. We have spent the last 20 years polishing our skills within signage, and we are proud to be amongst the best in the business. We stick to our niche, so that we can offer the highest quality signs to our customers. This has helped us create a large client base of happy customers who return again and again for their signage needs. 


  • Respect the competition, but don’t be afraid of them.

A healthy respect for the competition is important, but don’t let that turn into fear. For many, the fear of being taken out by a competitor can be motivating to work harder, but on the other side of the coin, it can be debilitating as it reminds you that your foothold in your business sector can be lost at any moment. Fear comes from an emotional place that is unable to differentiate between an actual threat and a shadow on the wall. If you give in to fear of your competitors you let them set the pace for your business, and that is something most businesses can’t survive. Not only does fear stilt you in your own development, but it can trickle down the line to affect your staff and thus halt your business from flourishing. Don’t let your fear distract you from what’s really important. By all means, keep an eye on your competitors, but remember you’re running your own show, and you need to keep focus on the things that will keep your business afloat. The only thing you need to fear in business is complacency. Focus on excellence and improvement, and soon you’ll be setting the pace for others. 


  • Don’t get stuck in the comparison game.

This point goes hand in hand with the one above. We spend a lot of time looking at our competitors and what they are doing. Be inspired by innovative ideas, but don’t get your head stuck comparing yourself to others. Each company is different, and everyone has different ideas as to what is important to them and their business. The grass is hardly ever greener on the other side, and if you spend all your time trying to emulate a business you think is successful, you will lose what is really important, your individuality. And who knows, the business you’ve put on a pedestal, may be struggling beneath the shiny exterior of their excellent marketing. The only business you can know a hundred percent is your own, so don’t get stuck on comparisons, it can only halt the growth of your business. You can’t look sideways and ahead at the same time, so we always choose to look ahead.


  • Deliver great value – but don’t aim to be the cheapest.

At Signarama Joondalup we have never aimed at being the cheapest in signage. Instead we decided to focus on value. We create the best quality signs, using only the best materials available, and we do so at more than fair prices. We would never sacrifice the value of our product to save money. Our customers know this, they see it in the final product, and most will return to us time and time again for their signage needs, because they know we have their best interest at heart when manufacturing signs. Each client has different needs, and each sign we make is customised to those needs, giving the client the right solution for their business.

Aim for the mid to upper price range when setting your goals, if you focus on quality of material and workmanship, your company and your reputation will be better for it. Your signage and brand will look better for much longer – and that is what really great value signage should do. You will find a trend of less call backs, happier clients who will return, and an overall good feeling of knowing you did what you could to give your customers the best value for their money. 


  • Be there for clients through thick and thin.

All businesses have their ups and downs, and that will be the case for your clients as well as for yourself. At Signarama Joondalup we feel it’s important to stand by our clients when they are struggling. We don’t just want to be front runners riding the waves. We will pick up the muck and help our local businesses through tough times, and over the years this has not gone unnoticed. When the business you helped in their time of need are back up and running, they will remember who was there for them, and they will send work your way. But don’t help because you want their work in the future; help because it’s the right thing to do.


  • If you mess it up, fix it.

Own your mistakes. We’ve already said it, but it bears saying again. If something fails on a job because of a mistake made by you. Do everything in your power to fix it as fast as you can. Don’t ever make your clients pay for your mistakes. 


  • Embrace challenges. Don’t run away from them.

During hard times it’s always easier to hide and keep your head down, but it’s during those hard times that you need to come together as a team and fight for your company and embrace the challenge head on. If you do, you will be stronger for it, not only as a company, but as a team. Running a business is a challenge in and of itself, but with the right team and the right attitude you can take on the world and be as successful as you want to be. The only thing holding you back is your inability to act.


At Signarama Joondalup we have braced our share of challenges over the last 20 years of business, and when hard times come our way, we huddle together as a team and make a plan of how we are going to survive with minimum losses. This tactic has seen us through the darkest of times, and we believe we can fight anything coming our way, as long as we stick together and work hard.

We hope you enjoyed reading about what we have learnt from being in business for 20 years. At Signarama Joondalup we’re a custom sign company that value transparency, and we are a tightknit team of professionals who love nothing more than manufacturing great signage. If you want to learn more about what we do, you can have a look at our flickr account to see our outstanding signage skills. And if you’re looking for signage, call our friendly sales staff today for a consultation and a quote on 9300 0254. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sustainable Lightbox Signage
Written by Trine Larsen

4 Things To Consider About Sustainable Lightbox Signage

In high traffic areas, light box signage is a brilliant way to frame the entrance of your premises. A well placed lightbox draws attention to your business and increases brand awareness. They can be used externally on a fascia or pylon signage, and internally as static displays, window mounted or above a reception area. This signage solution can be customised to suit the available space, and is a cost effective solution for a long term investment into your brand identity.

Although at times sustainability can seem like a fad topic, if you break it down to its bare bones, sustainable work practices can save a business money in the long term, and on the flip side aim to minimise your businesses impact on the environment. When it comes to lit signage, sustainability is of relevance, due to the ongoing resources required to power the sign. When considering a signage manufacturer in Perth, you should consider these following factors to make your lightbox signage sustainable:

Energy Efficient Lighting: Advancements in light technology has opened the doors to a variety of sustainable options, specifically in the world of LED lights. LED stands for light emitting diode these diodes contain a small electronic semi-conductor that converts electric energy into emitted light. Research shows that LED’s with the Energy Star rating can be 90% more efficient than those powered with fluorescent tubes. Another brownie point for team LED, is the fact they operate at a lower temperature than traditional fluorescent light bulbs or tubes. Fluro lit signage can use 30% more energy just from the heat that is generated during their operation. This is a wasted resource and in the long term costly when you eventually need to replace the face of the sign from heat blackspots.

Durable Lighting: Due to the way they are manufactured LEDs are more rugged, with an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before requiring replacement. Also unlike florescent tubes that require careful disposal, LEDs do not contain mercury or lead to operate within the tube and are less likely to shatter.

If you are considering lightbox signage for your business, definitely request that it be illuminated using LED bulbs, that way you can ensure energy saving from the moment you switch your signage on. If you have existing signage with older fluorescent tubes, consider consulting a licensed electrician about the possibility of an upgrade to LED lighting alternatives.

Time Your Usage: If you really want to lower your carbon footprint, consider consulting with a licensed electrician to set your illuminated signage on a timer. Depending on the nature of your business, it will govern if your lightbox is on during trade (menus board or window displays) or if you have it on outside of trade hours (external fascia or pylon). Either way, you can be more energy efficient if you set your signage to only be on during peak exposure periods and have it automatically turn off when it isn’t required.

Consider a Green Print: Signarama Joondalup is proud to partner with 3M for its vinyls. We are especially proud of their dedication to improving sustainability through the products they manufacture. A new wave of vinyls are being introduced to the market, all of which are greener alternatives to other competitors. The 3M Envision range is a non-pvc solution that is still manufactured with their trademarked Comply Adhesive micro technology. 3M’s Envision range is specifically created for LED lights to enhance colour vibrance as well as mask the internal mechanisms of the lightbox. Couple that with a maximum durability of 11 years in the right conditions*, the Envision range is a suitable and sustainable solution for lightbox graphics.

Realistically, all of these factors are going to contribute to sustainable signage, and if you choose Signarama Joondalup to assist you with your lightbox signage, we will guide you through all the options available and help you make the best decision for your signage needs. By having these conversations at the start of the project our team can ensure that your investment is built for purpose, as well as giving your business the exposure it deserves. If you want more information feel free to view our Illuminated Signage guide and more importantly contact our friendly team today.

*consult manufacturer’s warranty for more information

With recent advancements in technology there are several sustainable solutions the Signarama Joondalup team can recommend as part of your signage offering. When embarking on a job, our dedicated sales team will audit your premises and assess what type of signage works best for your business needs.

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