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Commercial Wrap
Written by Trine Larsen

How Commercial Wraps Differ From Colour Change Wraps

Here at Signs WA Joondalup we daily get the question. “Do you do vehicle wraps?” to which we proudly reply “Yes, what kind of wrap or graphics are you after?” This question often causes confusion, and for good reason. Most people don’t know the different variations available. Read on and we will try to enlighten you on how commercial wraps differ from a colour change.

Firstly, it’s important to note that if you decide upon a Closed Door Wrap; otherwise known as a Commercial Wrap, this does not mean you receive a less superior product than an Open Door Wrap. The only difference between the two lies in labour hours to complete, coupled with technical skill and knowledge to make your investment warranted. At Signs WA Joondalup, our trained staff have all the required capabilities for both options, and that is why we pride ourselves in being a Perth based specialist in wraps and decals.



So let’s get down to it, and explain the difference between the variations:

Closed Door Wrap: Also called the “Commercial Wrap”. It’s commonly seen in, you guessed it, commercial vehicles. This wrapping method covers the exterior panels of the vehicle in vinyl, and when the doors are opened, the original paint colour of the car can be seen. This variation is a great option for those wanting to protect the exterior panel paint; as the vinyl acts as a barrier from the sun exposure commercial vehicles can have. Also, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, this type of car wrap is a cost effective advertising opportunity for any business. Once you completed you have a mobbing billboard that gets exposure 24/7 365 days a year. A well designed wrap is an instant marketing tool that can assist in generating sales.

During the commercial wrap process , our skilled technicians will trim the vinyl to the edge of each panel, unless it’s a door panel, where they will wrap the edge of the door to encapsulate the area. This makes allowance for wear and prevents the vinyl from lifting. They will then spend time to post heat necessary areas to make sure the vinyl holds its shape in the potential recesses.

If you require an estimation of cost for a Closed Door Wrap, we have created a simple car wrap pricing Perth guide for your convenience. Alternatively you can contact our team to discuss your requirements in depth. For businesses that are considering this option, also be aware that Signs WA Joondalup has recently partnered with ProspaPay to offer eligible clients an easy payment solution for their vehicle graphics. For more information on our finance options, click here.

Open Door Wrap: This is the fancy “Crème della crème” of wrapping and we really do stress the need to employ a wrapper who is trained and skilled when embarking on what is also known as a colour change. An Open Door Wrap encompasses all panels, and each panel is fully encapsulated in the vinyl. A colour change is the vinyl equivalent of a re-spray, with the advantage that the vinyl can be removed at a later date. Due to the complexity of the wrap, depending on the size of the car, this variation can take between 2-3 days to complete. This isn’t a process you want someone to rush, stretching the vinyl to show an even colour ratio takes time and so does the post heating process to ensure the vinyl holds its shape for years to come.



A skilled colour change technician will take off each panel, where possible, and wrap them, including door handles and mirrors. Even the door jams on the car will be wrapped, so when you open the door you can’t see obvious signs of the original vehicle’s colour. Should you wish to look into the costs of a Closed Door Wrap, we do recommend contacting our team, so they can ensure an accurate estimation.

There is one downside to a Closed Door Wrap; full disclosure, the vinyl does take longer to remove in the event panels need repairing, or if you want to resell the car. But even that has an upside, when you remove the vinyl the paint work hasn’t been exposed to the elements and will look as good as it did when it was covered. Before paying for a Colour Change, we would like to note for your consideration and research, Manufacturers warranty may be affected. We highly recommend contacting your local car dealership and ask their advice.

Since we are on the subject, let’s also talk about vinyls. It’s essential you choose a provider who understands vinyls and their different purposes. Not all vinyls are made using the same processes, and each type is designed with a specific use in mind. This is especially important for choosing a vinyl for your car where you have deep recesses and corners. Make sure your installer knows their vinyls and understands the differences between the various types available. Signs WA Joondalup chooses to partner with 3M vinyls for all our perth car wraps, and we are proud to offer the new 3M Wrap Film 2080 series. This wrapping vinyl was released to the market in 2019. The 2080 series is 3M’s superior solution for wrap vinyl. Not only is it a wide full colour vinyl (1524mm) resulting in less joins, but the new gloss films have a protective film layer which keeps the vinyl from scratching during the application process, giving you a pristine/car-wraps/ wrap every time. 3M is that confident about the durability of their new film, they offer an extended warranty on vehicles wrapped in the 2080 series. Speak to one of our friendly staff members about the details.



For more information or to view colour samples of vinyls, visit our friendly team at Signs WA Joondalup.


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