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Written by Trine Larsen

Does Your Building Signage Make The Right Impression

At Signs WA Joondalup, we’re a sign company in Perth that’s been in the signage business for over 20 years, and over those years, we have learnt a lot about signage, and the best practices to help your signage make the best possible impression on your clients. 

Signs communicate with your potential clients directly in an efficient way to help you promote your brand. The ‘Silent salesman’ if you will. The practice of signage has been around about as long as humans have. In ancient Rome, vendors used to carve their store names into the city walls to attract their customer base. These days consumers are well attuned to all types of marketing messages, this fact makes it extra important to consider what your signage says about you as a business. It’s important to raise the standard of your signage to draw in potential clients, and a well-designed sign constructed with the right materials, can effectively showcase what makes your business the place to go. Signage is integral to any business, but unlike the Romans, we now have a lot of options for our signage that can help us stand out amongst the crowds. That’s why we want to talk about making the right impression on your clients, and what it can mean for your business.

First impressions matter. 

In a survey conducted by Brandspark/Better Homes and Gardens ‘Viewing signs through the eyes of the beholders’ 2014, 38.5% of the 100.000 people asked said they’d made assumptions on the quality of the business based purely on the clarity and attractiveness of a business’ signage. This proves just how important it is to make a good first impression on your potential clients. If you don’t, there’s a good chance they’ll take their business elsewhere. Your signage works as a silent sales representative, and you always want your sales staff to make a good impression; Your signage should be no different. 

Damaged signage and what it says about your business. 

Damaged or faded signage will turn many people off. Damaged signage shows your potential clients that you don’t care for your business, so why would you care for them as clients? Not updating damaged or faded signage is a mistake we see far too often. The sad truth is many business owners simply forget to look up at their signs to see how they are holding up. If you are a restaurant, and you are situated beside a competitor with clean, well designed and clear signage, and yours is dirty and faded, which location do you think the majority of new potential clients will visit? First impressions are so important in attracting the impulse buyer. If you’re reading this, do yourself a favour and walk outside to have a look at your signs; if you see damage, it may be high time to make some repairs or even do an overhaul on all your signs. Your Signs WA Joondalup team member will always be happy to come to your premises and do a free Perth signage audit for you and make recommendations on how to proceed with your signage. 

Can people find you?

In the survey conducted by Brandspark in 2014 53.28% of the 100.000 people asked, said they’d failed to locate a business because of lacking signage. This is a staggering amount of people, and that doesn’t take into account the people who never realised a business was there in the first place, because they never saw the signage. The survey highlights the importance of having visible signage to help people locate your business. If your potential client can’t find you, they’ll simply go elsewhere. That’s a bad impression no one can afford to make.

For more about optimal placement of signage have a look at our blogpost here on choosing building signage.

The importance of good quality signage

In the Brandspark survey from 2014 a staggering 33.3% of people asked said they have entered an unfamiliar store due to the quality of their signage. This number shows how important your external signage is for your business. Your external signage is your face to the world. It not only tells people you’re there, but it also tells the story of who you are as a brand. Great signage is a chance to draw in foot traffic of potential clients who are unfamiliar with your brand. Your signs should communicate a clear and distinct voice for your brand, so that those who are drawn to your signs will have the right impression of who you are as a company when they enter your store. For more information regarding signage purpose and how it affects construction follow the link to our blog post.

ye olde lolly pop shop sign

When they do find you, do they like what they see?

After spending time and money attracting clients to your business by ensuring you have good external business signage, will your potential client like what they see when entering your business premises? Is your lobby or reception area neat, well lit, clean and inviting? Are the window graphics, or internal office window film well designed and laid out in a pleasing manner? Does the quality of your internal signage, wall graphic, reception sign, directional signage, or category signage look as smart as the external signage? It’s no good attracting clients to your business and enticing them inside, if they are disappointed with the experience once they enter. 

Signage is a great investment for any business. It’s that silent sales rep who works for you 24/7 and never takes a break. With the right quality signage, you can make the right impression on potential clients and stay in business for the long haul. The return on investment can be huge. If well designed, and of good quality, it can pay you back many times over, for many years. It’s not like an online advertisement that only works while you continue to pay for it. You pay for signage once, and it returns that investment over a long period of time, and at a very low cost per impression. Never forget the importance of quality signs; here at Signs WA Joondalup we live and breathe for signage, and we love nothing more than to see our quality custom signs work hard for our customers.

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