Billboard Signage

Billboard Signs are an ideal signage medium to promote your message in a very large and noticeable format. This signage can be for real estate developments, road side billboards, or changeable message billboard signs installed in to areas on verges. It can be constructed from hard metal faces, or with PVC banner faces.

If Billboard Signs won’t work in your situation but you are looking for other fixed signage options for your verge, perhaps consider Pylon Signs perth.

Billboard Signage Examples

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FAQs Billboard Signage

No. Whilst we have a number of real estate clients who we construct and install real estate land development signs for, we also do Billboard signs for any of our clients who want to promote their business – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365.25 days per year!

Our Billboard Signage is custom made to your required size. We can design, manufacture and install your signs around the Perth Metropolitan Area, Western Australia, or around Australia as required.

Both. We use the correct media depending on the size of the sign face, the location, the longevity expected from the billboard signage, and also the budget. Ideally, we build the sign frame, clad the face with aluminium composite panel, and the lay vinyl graphics on to the face(s).

If the face needs to be changeable, is particularly large, or needs to be done on a budget, we can use PVC banner material faces.

Yes, normally this is not a problem. Again, dependent on the size of the billboard sign, depends on how cost effective and achievable this is. If we have put large concrete footings in to secure the signs in place, we may need a crane to lift the sign out.