Pylon Signage

Pylon signs can be either illuminated, or non-illuminated. We can build a pylon sign for you with just your business name and branding on it, or construct one with multiple tenancies to service the requirements of an entire building of different tenancies. Our Signarama pylon signs can be constructed to take in to account the fact that tenancies will change over time, and therefore signage panels may need to be interchangeable.

If you would like a Pylon Sign that is guaranteed, and fully engineered to withstand many years of usage and meet Council Signage approval requirements, then the team at Sign A Rama Joondalup are well skilled to assist you.

FAQs Pylon Signage

How much does a pylon sign cost?

Of all the signage we offer to the Perth marketplace, pylon, plinth or fabricated panel signs are one of the most complex with most variations. There are size variations, whether they are illuminated or not, number of tenancy panels required, if Certified Structural Engineer Certification is required, the size, the type of ground it is going in to, whether power is supplied to the site or not.

The prices can range from $5000 up to $100 000, dependent on these factors. Our Perth signage experts will work with you taking in to account the outcomes that you are trying to achieve, and the budget available.

What types of pylon signs are there?

Pylon signs can be illuminated internally, illuminated externally, or non-illuminated. They are free standing and self supporting, normally with their own concrete footing that we will pour. They can be single tenancy, or have multiple tenancies on the pylon to share the cost of the signage. The faces can be flat, rigid metal sheeting, flexible PVC ‘flex face’, hard plastic acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate. They may have a single pylon sign leg, or two, three or four legged. Additionally the faces can be flat, or constructed to make add 3 dimensional aspects to the signs.