Free Covid- 19 health awareness stickers

To help our wider community combat the pandemic that is sweeping through the world, we have partnered with our suppliers 3M to offer free Covid-19 health and safety stickers.  There will be a limited stock per day, and we will produce as many as we can with the resources we have available. All you have to do is pick them up from us. We will have a designated pick up area outside of our business. If you want to check current availability before heading this way, please phone ahead on 9300 0254.

Below you can see what type of Covid-19 health and safety stickers we provide in this offer. We urge everyone out there to spread awareness and help combat this pandemic and we believe that having these Health and safety stickers on your premises helps increase awareness and thus making us all safer.

Stay safe Perth.

SAR Cold Prevention stickerSAV Digital full colour printed sticker.300x195mm
SAR Do Not Enter stickerSAV Digital full colour printed sticker.297x210mm