Floor Graphic

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a fantastic signage option to compliment and reinforce your company’s band. Using floor graphics can be a great promotion signage option, especially when you are trying to engage with an audience in a high foot traffic area. This signage can also be used in conjunction to way finding signage.

There are several films that are suitable for floor graphics. Some films have qualities that make them suitable to be reused, some are slip rated and some can be used for internal and external applications. Our Sales staff will be able to guide you as to which film suits your project.

We can then print your logo, photos and branding in an array of shapes and sizes and coordinate the floor graphics to be installed correct. This is an important factor into your project as you want your customers to be able to walk over the floor graphics safely.

Our team have all been trained to advance level by 3M in applying the graphics, and our business is Cm3 and BROWZ certified, so that you have peace of mind that you are dealing with a quality signage company.

FAQs Floor Graphics

Yes, we have several products that have non-skid properties. Some films have grit built into them and other have an over-laminate applied after printing, which has a textured surface.

It is very important for OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) reasons that any floor graphic have an adequate slip rating to comply with CSIRO Floor Graphic Slip Rating guidelines. If not, you open yourself up to potential liability issues.

This sort of work is best left to long established professional signage companies who are specialists in this field.

Because most floor graphics are to be used in high traffic area we wouldn’t highly advise it. Our expert installers have the knowledge to ensure that the graphics are installed correctly to prevent slip hazards. They also know to the correct preparation method for the surface prior to the install.

Yes, we have several options available depending on the surface the graphic is being applied to. One of our most popular films has residue-free properties from most surfaces.

This is increasingly a requirement for Shopping Centre Floor Graphic applications. It is not feasible to apply a graphic that is not removable without damaging the very expensive floor surface. Entrust you Perth Signage needs to Signs WA Joondalup where you can be confident and assured of the outcome.