Internal Window Films

Internal Window Films

Often used to provide privacy to office cubicles, there are several films that can be applied to internal windows.

Window frosting is effective to distort the vision as you look through the glass and can be applied to the first or second surface of the glass. This film can also be printed on creating a translucent graphic that light can filter through.

Oneway vision is a good solution should you wish to create a partition where you can see out, but your client and customers can’t see in.
There are several other printable films that range from clear through to full block out that Signs WA Joondalup we can customise according to your signage and branding requirements.

External window signage or graphics can be a great way to promote your business. For examples of the different options available check out Window Signage & Graphics.

Internal Window Film Examples

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FAQs Internal Window Films

With one-way film, it is recommended to clean the graphic using a dust free cloth.

If you have frosting or a printed film, you are able to use solvent free cleaning products or a dust free cloth.

As Signs WA Joondalup we use the highest quality 3M window graphics, you can be assured that you receive the best possible solution to allow for the greatest longevity.

It really is dependent on the film that is used if the light will be blocked out. We would highly recommend discussing this with our signage team, they will be able to offer the best solution for the application. They always carry, or have available full samples of the range of graphic vinyl films and solutions available to show you.

There isn’t a real cause for concern, if you choose to go with Signs WA Joondalup we will consider the best installing technique to ensure the graphics will leave little to no residue behind after removal. The films that do leave residue and cause damage are the cheap self-adhesive vinyls that some companies use. We do not use these, as we would prefer to look after our client needs for the long term.

Our installation team are not only trained in the method to install graphics, but also the correct technique to remove graphics, without scratching or scoring the glass.

Depending on how the glass has been tinted will affect the appearance, but generally speaking the graphic may be dulled down slightly if applied to the inside surface of printed windows. It is always best to view an example to satisfy yourself of the outcome, prior to proceeding.

This is a great question, and really depends on a number of factors which I will detail below:

One way vision

  • The benefit of views out from the offices being maintained.
  • Colour reproduction and images aren’t as strong as it is essentially film with minimal surface area due to the dots that make it see through. Also, colour matching with the paint will not be perfect for this reason.
  • Much shorter term film. This limitation needs to be explained and accepted. Will probably need to be replaced in 3-4 years. As an example, we can send you example photos of film that has been on the windows three years, and is just starting to lose some colour impact and moving towards a faded colour.

Solid Vinyl

  • 7 year plus life span.
  • Not transparent at all. View from inside will be a solid red or blue, dependent on which section of graphic you are looking at. If people inside the office are used to, and like their view, I would expect some future push back or complaint from them.
  • Will keep the sun glare well down.
  • May throw a red glow through the office when full sun hits the film.

Colour will be strong and consistent.