Reception Sign

Reception Signs

What better way to welcome clients or potential clients to your business than with a very professional and well designed Reception Sign?

Our Reception Signs can be solid acrylic or metal panels fixed directly to the reception wall surface, or ‘stood off’ the wall with stainless steel standoff fittings.

Alternatively, Signs WA Reception Signs can be constructed from individual cut 3-dimensional acrylic or metal letters and logos. This is a very professional option that you Signs WA Perth signage consultant can assist you to choose.

Reception Signage Examples

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FAQs Reception Signs

Yes, there are. Our team have made and installed thousands of reception signs around Perth over the many years we have been in business. We can represent your logo with many different signage mediums including:

  • Acrylic panels with or without frosted vinyl on the reverse side, with your logo on the face. The logo can be cut from self-adhesive vinyl, or even 3 dimensional letters or shapes.
  • MDF or wood painted letters or logos fixed directly to the wall.
  • Acrylic, PVC or plastic lettering.

A wide range of metal letters or logos. Stainless Steel, brushed aluminium, rusted, copper, mirror are all finishes that are readily available.

Absolutely! Our talented Signage Design and Production Team are well trained any fully aware of the need to produce your branding as per your Corporate Branding and Specification Signage Guide.

If we are fixing an acrylic reception signage panel to the wall, we generally do so by using stainless steel ‘standoff’ fittings that allow your panel to stand off the wall various distances. This creates a very classy 3-dimensional element to the sign. These fittings come in various colours and finishes.

If we are fitting individually cut letters or logos, we can fix this a number of ways. We can fix the signage directly to the wall surface. Alternatively, we can make the lettering ‘stand off’ the wall and appear to be floating off the wall. This creates a very high end and class look. The reception sign lettering needs to be a certain thickness to be able to create this effect.

Of course, we may also be applying a background printed wallpaper graphic to your reception wall. This may be an additional element to the overall look.

Our Signage Consultants are happy to travel to any site in the Perth Metropolitan Area to discuss your needs with you, take photos and measurements of your site, and make the best possible recommendation.