Shopfront Hoarding Signage

Example of Hoarding Signage at a Perth Shopping Centre

Hoarding Signage at a Perth Shopping Centre

Hoarding Signage is often used in Perth Shopping Centres during refurbishment and redevelopment to cover unsightly work areas and to promote coming shops and brands.  A recent surge in shopping centre redevelopments has seen an increase in the popularity of shopfront hoarding signage and printed decals.

Foot traffic within a shopping centre has a high volume daily. It is a worthwhile investment in transforming the hoarding into an advertising space.

At Signs WA Joondalup we can print large format vinyl graphics to be applied to the surface of the hoarding, instantly transforming a blank space to a visual billboard.

We can also install your hoarding decals. Our Installation staff hold full Cm3 and BROWZ Certification Qualifications to several large worksite within the Perth Metropolitan area, which will ensure that we can complete Shopping Centre installations safely.

Custom printed graphics & decals can also be applied to large window or glass areas within the shopping centre. See Internal window signage & films.

Shopfront Hoarding Examples

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FAQs Shopfront Hoardings

Yes, our team are fully OHS certified and we are inducted into several Perth Metropolitan shopping centres. We are prequalified through BROWZ and CM3. We frequently work with Shopping Centre Management, Marketing Managers, Shopping Centre Operations Managers and Advertising Agencies to ensure Horading Signage  projects are completed on time.

We recommend a matte finish due to the overhead lighting within a shopping centre. This helps to cut down the possibility of lights reflecting off the hoarding graphics or hoarding decals.

It is still possible to have a gloss finish, by over-laminate the print with a gloss clear laminate. However, we find that it highlights the inevitable blemishes on hoarding surfaces, and creates a glare off the completed job.

Yes, we have in-house designers that are able to create a design that compliments your branding. If you have an existing concept our designers can scale it to the size of the hoarding.

Our Perth-based professional Graphic Design Team regularly work on large format graphic and branding concepts, so they are well trained to help our clients achieve the best possible branding solution for their needs.