A-Frame Signs

Also known as a Sandwich board, this type of signage is popular due to the availability various material options and application for use in many different situations.

These variations include; lightweight PVC flip frame, snap lock aluminium frame or steel frame with optional wheels for easy handling. Standard sizes that are available are 900mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 900mm and 1800mm x 1200mm. Faced with either permanent sign white steel or for a more interchangeable solution; coreflute inserts or posters inserts in snapper frames.

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FAQs A-Frame Signs

We can get 75mm and 100mm castors, which can be used on the 900mmx600mm and 1200mmx900mm and 1200mm x 1800mm units.

We would recommend considering one of our A-Frames with coreflute inserts or our A-frame with snap lock edges. Both of these options allow you to interchange the graphics regularly with easy. Otherwise we can apply new graphics over the existing graphics of a-boards with metal faces if the original graphics are in reasonable condition.

Another option is to use white board or black board graphics on your a-frame faces.

One last option is to get a-frames with Signwhite Steel faces, and then put changeable magnets on certain areas of the faces.

Yes we have several options that will allow you to write on it.

Chalk board A-frames are available and it is recommended to write on them with a fluro pen or chalk.

Also because we over-laminate our prints with a clear laminate, you will be able to write on your printed graphics using a white board marker or Fluro pen.