Promotional Flags

Fabric, Bunting, Wing, Feather, Tear Drop and Blade flags are some varieties that Signarama Joondalup can make for you. Printed through dye sublimation or latex machine printing, these light weight promotional style signs are relatively inexpensive and help your business stand out from the crowd.

If you want a promotional flag banner (Wing, Feather, Tear Drop or Blade) there are three standard kits available; small medium and large. Inclusive in the price is the pole kit, material flag and grass spike. Other bases are available, making these flags suitable indoor and outdoors.

FAQs Promotional Flags

What is the advantage of having a double sided flag?

Not only can you have a different print on each side of the flag, but sandwiched between the two fabric layers is a reinforcing material. This material ensures that the adjacent design isn’t visible through the flag. If you print on a single sided flag material remains translucent and if the design contains text it will read back-to-front.

It is also a far longer lasting flag option / material, with much stronger colour representation / longevity.

When comparing flag prices, ensure you ask for double sided flags, as you will appreciate the much better quality in the longer term.

Can a flag kit be packed away when not in use?

Yes, our flag pole kits come in three pieces and pack away in an easy to carry storage bag.

Can you get different base options for the flag kits?

Our standard flag kit comes with a grass spike, but there are different internal and external bases depending on the intended us. We have weighted bases for going on to hard surfaces, bases that fit on to the tow balls of cars for real estate agents promoting a home open or sale, bases that fit under the wheels of car yards or car detailers, amongst many other options. Ask our friendly sales staff to recommend the best base for your flag kit.