Signboard options are an incredibly versatile custom advertising board, and can be used by themselves or in conjunction with a fabricated frame. Traditionally most clients associate sign boards with Real Estate Signage, however they can be used for a wide range of applications including;

• Retail Sale Signage
• Café Advertising
• Building site signage
• Industrial safety signage
• Compliance placards
• Dangerous goods signs

They are a very effective method to generate inquiries for your business.

Due to their versatile nature, they are adaptable in the execution of their display or install method. In a Cafe setting you may wish to partner the signboard with a sleek snapper frame, to display your wall signage. For Building and Safety Signage that needs to be displayed on the perimeter of a construction site, you can purchase several styles of fencing clips suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installations.

External Signboards that are semi-permanent and possibly reusable, are best suited to be secured to a wooden or metal survey stakes, star pickets or dowels. Alternatively for a truly professional finish consider a fabricated galvanised frame. Frames can be fixed in the ground and cross-braced depending on the size, powder coasting and paint finishes are available.

Building Site Signage

Sign boards can also be used in varied applications for Building / Development Signage. It is recommended to contact your local Council or Shire to ensure that your Development signs are correct according to Town Planning requirements. Building Site Signs may also be necessary for compliance of Building Standards.

All vinyls used can be over laminated to extend the life of the print, which the team at Signs WA Joondalup would recommend as we understand that most Signboards are used externally and subject to the elements.

All Portable & Promotional Signage Examples

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FAQs Signboards

Depending on where you are wanting your Signboard to go and the duration of use our Sales staff can advise accordingly.

If you are wanting to reuse your signage or for a duration longer than 6 months, we would recommending using Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP), as it can withstand the elements better than Corflute and PVC signboards.

Being a corrugate plastic it is weather resistant. We also print using UV stabilised inks and over-laminate our prints with a clear laminate to increase longevity.

For small print quantities we print on vinyl and lay the print on the coreflute surface. For larger quantities, although the other method is still possible, we recommend a direct print using a flatbed or screen printing method as it is more cost effective.

It is called a roster sign and is an extremely cost effective signage option.

There are three sizes available: 300mm x 610mm, 455mm x 610mm and 740mm x 610mm.

If the edges aren’t rounded, this might be a concern. As ACP is a thin layer of Aluminium on the front and back of the sheet, and with compressed foam in the middle, it can be subject to burring.

Due to our manufacturing process we guillotine the edges, rather than use a saw to prevent burring the edges of the Aluminium. If you intend to use your signage in a high traffic public space, ask our Sales staff about polished and rounded edge options.

That is fine, our Design studio has existing template for Hazardous, Dangerous and Security based signage. If we don’t have a sign design pre-existing we can create one for you.

Also we can ensure that your signage uses the correct vinyls – including reflective and engineering grades where required.