Posters are an ideal temporary signage medium that allows you to promote your event, sale or promotion. If you require a method to display your poster in a semi-permanent manner, then Signs WA Joondalup we will be able to help you with a full and comprehensive offering of poster displays, snap or Snapper poster frames, or poster hanging rails.

FAQs Posters

Do you print your posters on paper?

To make sure that your poster will last as long as possible we print our posters on Polypropylene, which is a plastic based material and isn’t susceptible to ripping. However, we can supply posters printed on paper similar to those used by other suppliers.

I have an illuminated light box that I can change the poster inside, can you print me something that is suitable?

Yes, we can use either standard Polypropylene or Grey backed Polyprop, depending if you wish the image to be backlit or not. We also use specialist light box film that are ideal for internal illumination. Contact our sales staff to discuss which will be the better option for you.

The poster needs to go outdoors and possibly might get wet, will it get ruined?

No, our posters are printed on a plastic based material, with UV resistant inks. For this reason they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.