How to Choose Your Perth Sign Company

Quality signs can be the difference between success and failure in business. It is a significant and important investment into the success of any venture and making the right decisions can be difficult. There are many things to consider when choosing the sign company Perth to help complete your project and make you business stand out amongst the rest.


Experience is the key to success and working with an experienced team who know how to create quality signage is the best way to ensure your business will present in the best and most profitable way it can.

Example Signage Perth

Experience is the key to success.

Signs WA Joondalup is a Perth sign company that has operated for approximately 20 years and, over that time, we have garnered a great reputation for delivering high impact outcomes, using only the best products available. Each sign is produced by the best people in the business in a timely and efficient manner. Here at Signs WA Joondalup we have the experience and capabilities required to meet your needs.

To achieve the greatest outcome, a few factors play an important role in the partner you choose to team up with:

  • Initial signage consultation with experienced sales staff.
    Often business owners have limited knowledge when it comes to choosing the best signage to represent their business. But with experienced help from people who know signage and what works, you are more likely to make the right decision for your business. Your Signs WA Joondalup account manager will guide you through the entire process, offering you ideas and guidance in order to choose the best possible signage within your budget.Our sales team at Signs WA Joondalup are hand-picked for their extensive industry experience, and they are continuously trained within the latest techniques and signage technologies so they can help you create just the right signage for your business.
  • Strong and functional design taking in to account your brand and logo requirements.
    Embarking on ordering and picking your signs can seem daunting, but you will never go wrong, if you choose the right experienced signage designers who understand you and your needs.The sign design team at Signs WA Joondalup are not just fantastic designer, they boast vast experience in designing for large format application to ensure each of your signs pack a punch. When you come to us, our friendly designers will interpret your brief and work closely with you to transform your vision for your brand into effective signage tailored for your business.
  • An experienced production team who are capable of taking signage design and turn them into stunning signage products.
    The team you choose need to be well versed in the most up to date techniques, materials, technologies and processes available, and only the highest quality materials should be used to ensure your signage can stand the test of time and still look good in the years to come. Longevity is the key to good signage and will ensure that your branding stays recognisable in the landscape for many years. At Signs WA Joondalup, our production team is led by an exacting and demanding production manager, who will ensure your signage is produced to the highest quality standards. We run a tight ship, which also means we can work to short timeframes, without compromising the quality of the final product.
  • Installation of your signage by experienced signage professionals.
    Even if you pay for a well-constructed sign, it is worthless if the installation proves faulty and the sign falls down, and it can even be dangerous if installation is not done by someone who knows their trade.Our credentialled signage team is led by an installation manager with years of experience, and each of our installers are highly trained and qualified. Their qualifications include work at heights certificates, CM3 certifications, Brows Qualifications, 3M Advanced application accreditations and all have required qualifications and cards standard in the industry.Our professional team at Signs WA Joondalup will make sure to design and engineer your sign so it never causes a risk and stays in place to represent your business for many years to come.
Example Signage Perth

Experience is the key to success.

Materials used

Which signage material to use is an extremely important choice, but also one of the hardest components to judge in the process.
The UV damage to signage in Australia is significantly higher than just about anywhere else. If you use poor, or low-quality materials, you can expect your signage to deteriorate under the Australian sun at an accelerated rate. It will start to crack, split, peel or fade and your business will suffer as a result.

The team at Signs WA Joondalup are one of only a few sign companies Perth, Australia, and perth’s only 3M platinum partners. 3M is the producer of some of the best quality materials on the market and using their products will ensure the longevity of your signage, even under the glaring Australian sun.

Signs WA Joondalup are happy to guarantee and warrant all of your signage work, with the extensive backing of 3M

National Coverage

National Coverage with local representation.
Very few sign companies in Perth, Australia can make such a claim. As one of the largest stores out of a network of 104 stores in Australia, and approximately 800 globally. Our sign company, Signs WA Joondalup, has the ability to service your needs on a local, state, national or global scale, and we look forward to helping you with your next signage project.

If you have any other questions, Call the Friendly Team at Signs WA Joondalup on (08) 9300 0254