Signs on Finance

As business owners ourselves, we understand that you are always looking for ways to improve your business. That is what we specialise in – helping business owners to grow their business by a smart and resourceful use of  signage to promote your business.

This is not always practical though – you need to consider future cash flow requirements, and be aware of spreading your cash too thin.

This is why we are very excited to launch our exclusive and Australian-first ‘Signs on Finance’ programme. In times when you really want to promote and grow your business, but don’t have the cash readily available, then this unique programme may help.

Instead of paying one lump sum for your vehicle graphics requirements, we have a very easy to use process that allows you to finance the signage over a 4 year term, with reducing repayments each year.

Features include:Signage Finance

  1. NO bond required
  2. NO establishment fees or hidden charges
  3. NO higher rentals charged on custom / tailor made equipment
  4. Enjoy the peace of mind of a four year term with the flexibility to buy the equipment at each anniversary
  5. 25% reduction in your rental every year for amounts over $15,000 and 20% reduction per year for amounts under $15,000
  6. 100% tax deductible
  7. Simple application process with immediate response

If you believe our financing option would help you better manage your cash flow, make sure you ask our team when enquiring regarding your signage requirements.