Car Magnets

Car magnets are a semi-permanent signage solution that can be used when a vehicle requires removable and reusable signage.

Not all magnets are the same grade, we use 0.8mm thick magnet material and apply digitally printed over laminated vinyl to the surface. Magnets need to be applied to the flat surface of the vehicle and are most commonly used on doors and side panels.

FAQs Car Magnets

Do you think I should get car magnets, or am I better off getting graphics put straight on to my vehicle?

It really does depend on the usage. If you just require a short term solution that MUST be removable and replaceable on a regular basis, then car door magnets are fine. However, they must be removed once per week, cleaned down (along with the door surface), dried completely, and the re-installed.

As a company, we much prefer to apply graphics straight on to the vehicle. We believe it gives clients a much more professional mobile advertising solution. It is also a more cost-effective solution, and there is no risk of the magnets being stolen or blowing off.

If you are intent on have car door magnets, it is important to buy good quality 0.8mm vehicle grade magnetics from a reputable Perth Sign Company, not some of the cheaper and thinner magnets that are available online, or from cheaper, lower quality signage companies.