Car Magnets Perth

Car Magnets PerthCar Magnets are a flexible, cost-effective car signage option, perfect for contractors and business owners that are wanting to combine the use of their car for business and non-business reasons. Magnetic signs provide the option to be quickly and easily removed, then reapplied to other vehicles in your company’s fleet.

Vehicle magnets cannot be applied in all situations, some important requirements include;

  • The panel must contain steel or any other ferromagnetic material (contains iron). Materials such as aluminium, wood, plastic or fibre glass are not suitable.
  • Vehicle panels that have indents or severe curves aren’t ideal. It is recommended to use the flat panels of the doors and sides.

If you are uncertain if your vehicle meets the requirements, our Sales Representatives at Signs WA Joondalup can advise the recommended size and location for your car magnets.

Some Perth signage companies use the same grade material as fridge magnets (0.6mm) for car magnets, which results in a car magnet that will fail in the heat and overall is an inferior product. As we are based in Perth and know the local conditions we manufacture your car magnets from 0.8mm vehicle grade magnetic material. To ensure it is durable and to protect against fading in the Perth summer heat, we protect the digitally printed car magnet with an over-laminate, which extends the life span of the magnetic signs.

Installing and maintaining your car magnets

When installing the car magnets, ensure you have cleaned any residue or moisture from the area you wish to apply the magnet to. It is also recommended to remove any air pockets that might have been trapped during the install process. It is necessary to remove these air pockets, to ensure as much contact between the magnet and the vehicle panel. If you need to move or adjust the location of the magnet, remove it completely and do not slide the magnet to the correct position. By sliding the magnet into position, this could result in scratches to your car paintwork.

Car Magnetic Signs PerthBeing a temporary vehicle graphic solution, ongoing maintenance is required for car magnetic signs. To ensure that no dust build-up occurs around the edge of the magnet, we always recommend removing your car magnets regularly and cleaning under them. This involves the use of a mild detergent, wiping the dirt and build-up from under or around the magnet and drying the panel to remove moisture prior to reapplication.

Due to the malleable nature of the magnet material, it is also highly recommended that if you remove the car magnet that you store it flat. This will ensure that the base material and vinyl don’t stretch or warp during its storage.

If you are unsure if vehicle magnets are the appropriate solution for you, or if a car vinyl wrap or graphic would be more suitable for your business needs, contact the team at Signs WA Joondalup, to discuss your requirements.

Car Magnets Perth FAQs

It really does depend on the usage. If you just require a short-term solution that MUST be removable and replaceable on a regular basis, then car door magnets are fine. However, they must be removed once per week, cleaned down (along with the door surface), dried completely, and the re-installed.

As a company, we much prefer to apply graphics straight on to the vehicle. We believe it gives clients a much more professional mobile advertising solution. It is also a more cost-effective solution, and there is no risk of the magnets being stolen or blowing off.

From our past experience we have seen instances where car magnets can damage paintwork. Especially when they are not maintained and moisture settles behind the magnet.

We do have to be honest, vehicle magnets are not our preferred solution for vehicle advertising. With that said we do understand their place in the market as a cost effective option.

Often magnets can end up more expensive than vinyl graphics, even for the same area of coverage.

They do however have the benefit to be reused and reapplied to several vehicles, if you require an option that is interchangeable. We would highly recommend discussing this with our Sale Representatives, who can assess all elements and offer the best option.