Car Window Signage / One Way Vision Window Advertising

One way film is applied to the exterior surface of a window and is a perforated vinyl that is digitally printed on. This cheap and effective advertising solution is a simple option for advertising, using a prominent position on your vehicle.

Being a perforated film, means it has privacy qualities and from the exterior people can’t see in, but your visibility remains clear when looking from the inside out.

FAQs Car Window Wrap and Signage / One Way Vision Window Advertising

Does this advertising graphic solution give perfect vision out of the windows.

Not as perfect as if the film wasn’t on the car window, but pretty good. However, when the film is wet, vision can be more restricted as water can cause the vision to deteriorate.

Will this film last as long as normal vehicle grade vinyl graphics?

Unfortunately, not quite as long. It is deemed to be a medium term promotional film, not a longer term film like 3M vehicle graphics. Normally, it will last around 3 years before it should be refreshed.

However, the back or side windows are some of the premium and most visible advertising spaces on your car, so sometimes it is a good trade off for all of the calls and work you will get off your car window advertising.