Car Wraps / Car Graphics

Full Car Wrap

A full car wrap covers all paintwork with digitally printed vinyl graphics, excluding the roof. We are able to do a full wrap on vehicles, buses and some trucks.

Also within this category is a full colour change, where we use 3M solid colour vinyl. This can be used on its own or with complimentary advertising graphics. This second layer is applied to the surface of the coloured vinyl, using digital printed diecut graphics or cad cut vinyl graphics.

To get the best finish for your full vehicle wrap we do remove the badges on your car, it gives a professional finish and we wrap over this area. The badges are not discarded we put them in your glove box, for your to use at the later date when the time comes to reselling the vehicle.

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap covers part of the paintwork and general excludes the bonnet. The two most common methods in this category include using digitally printed vinyl graphics or spot graphics; which can be a combination of digitally printed diecut graphic and cad cut solid colour vinyl graphics.

Although it is most common to see a partial wrap done for a vehicle, we can also do partial wraps for buses, caravans and some trucks.

FAQs Car Wraps / Car Graphics

I’ve heard there are different types of vinyl, how will I know what is going on my car?

Signarama Joondalup & Osborne Park is one of the longest established car wrapping companies in Perth. We have been operating over 17 years now, and Signarama world-wide over 30 years. We have achieved that longevity in a competitive market place by always offering our signage clients the best solutions for their long term needs.

There are different grades of vinyl in the market place. This is where it is very important to choose a long established and reputable Perth Sign Company for car wrap needs.

When printed, two self adhesive vinyl graphics applied to a car can look exactly the same. However, the differences quickly become apparent. Cheaper vinyls will start to peel off your vehicle sometimes as early as 6 months after initial application. As all our Perth Vehicle Applicators are Certified to Advanced Level by 3M, you can be assured that only the best quality vinyl graphics to minimise the risk of any failures.

Do not trust your fleet branding or graphics requirements to companies that do not use the correct products and vehicle graphic application techniques. If you do, it will only cause problems for you down the track.

What type of car, van, truck or vehicle signage designs are there?

There are a number of ways we can achieve your branding requirements. We have an in-house Vehicle Graphics Design Team based in Perth who are specialists in this field. We have a large number of vehicle templates on file. However, it is normally best that we specifically photograph and measure your car, van, truck, caravan or other vehicle prior to designing your graphics for it.

As our vehicle graphics are all custom designed and made to advertise your business, it is important that we check your vehicle in person. Factors that can affect the design includes the positioning of windows, the condition of the current paint work, if graphics need to be removed, the presence of pop rivets or screws, etc.

As a vehicle is a 3-dimensional object that is curved, it is essential that it designed by a Vehicle Graphics Specialist Graphic Designer. Our team are highly trained in this area. As our Graphic Design Team are all based in Perth, it is very easy and convenient for our clients to come and discuss their requirements with us at a Design Consultation meeting.

I see you are a Vehicle Graphics company based in Perth. Does that mean that you can’t handle my branding project on a national basis?

Quite the contrary. National branding and re-branding vehicle graphic projects are what we love most, and do best. With over 105 specialist vehicle graphics centres around Australia, we can handle national projects with ease.

The great thing for CEO’s, Marketing Managers, Operations Managers, etc, is that they can have one point of contact within the Signarama Australia group to handle all of their vehicle branding or rebranding needs.

Why do you always talk about and reinforce the importance of using 3M vehicle grade vinyls?

We have been wrapping vehicles in Perth for over 17 years now. In the earlier days, we did experiment with cheaper films that our competitors were using. We quickly found that the vehicle graphics area is one where it is vital to use the best quality films available. It was at that point that we decided to research and then select the finest vinyl suppliers in the World, test them comprehensively, and then select the best one.

The best vehicle and signage vinyl self-adhesive vinyl we believe is manufactured by 3M. From that point forward, we have been using 3M for our vehicle wraps, but if specifically requested, we are happy to use other brands such as Hexis, Avery, Arlon, Oracle, etc.

Your vehicle is a mobile billboard that can be seen and represent your company 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The last thing you want is to have your vehicle wrapped in vinyl that shrinks, cracks, fades or peels.

I am on a bit of a budget. I want a stunning vehicle graphic design, but can’t afford a full wrap. What should I do?

Vehicle graphic are a vital business marketing tool for your Perth business. As vehicle graphics drive so many clients to your business, I always suggest that clients spend the maximum they can afford. I know from my experience, that car graphics will return their investment many times over.

Having said that, there are many variations of vehicle graphics that you can choose to suit your budget. This could be a full wrap, half wrap, partial wrap, car door magnets, one way contra vision film on the back window, or just some simple door graphics. Partial wraps are great, because they display your logo and branding really well and large, but the investment required is relatively small compared to a full wrap.

Our Vehicle Graphics Design Team are specialists in interpreting ideas and briefs, and bringing that to life with some quality vehicle graphics that give Perth Business owners maximum impact for the budget allocated.