Trailer Signage

For box or cage trailers we find the most affect signage option is cladding the exterior frame of the trailer using Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP). This product is lightweight, durable and has a full colour over-laminated digital print applied to the surface.

For tool box trailers, digitally printed graphic can be applied to non-textured surfaces. The option of diecut or cad cut vinyl graphics can also be applied on some surfaces.

Trailers are an ideal advertising medium, due to the large surface area available to advertise your products, business or services.

FAQs Trailer Signage

I don’t want graphics on my vehicle, but I do have a trailer that I tow around Perth that I would like to put graphics on to. Can this be done?

Yes, it can, in a number of different ways. Our Signage sales and Design Team have extensive experience in helping you to come up with the ideal Marketing and Advertising solution to suit your budget.

How do you fit the trailer signs on to the trailer?

It can be done if a few different ways. If the trailer and paint surface is in good condition, the most cost-effective way to achieve your advertising goals is to apply 3M vehicle grade vinyl graphics directly on to the metal surface of the trailer sides.

If the trailer side paint surface is in poor condition, or you think you might need or want to remove the signs at a later date, then we can put your trailer signs on to either Signwhite Steel, or Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP, Alucobond, Dibond, ACM) panels, and then fix the panels on to your trailer. If you do not fix them on to your trailer, our specialist Installation Team can do that for you.