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Written by Trine Larsen

What Are The Different Types Of Vehicle Wraps Available

At Signs WA Joondalup we design and install a lot of vehicle wraps. So we understand all the choices and pitfalls when it comes to vehicle signage. For any company embarking on a car wrap, there is a lot to consider, and before starting on design ideas, a budget has to be decided upon.

Many clients who come to our door don’t realise that there are many different options for commercial vehicle graphics, and some are more affordable than others. These options include spot graphics, Partial Wraps, ¾ wraps and full wraps. Here we will go through each option and make sure you get the most out of your car wrap on whatever budget you’re on.

Spot Graphics

Out of all the options available, spot graphics, or minimal graphics are by far the cheapest but done well, it can still catch the eye of potential customers.

Spot graphics are essentially a few well-placed logos, usually in the prime positions, along with any relevant information, printed and cut, and then installed directly to the vehicle.

Examples of Spot Graphics

This option is very cost-effective, and depending on the size of the logo, and what information you’d like to add, you can be on the road for just a few hundred dollars. For more information about car wrap pricing click here.

This is a good option for a company just starting out, who may not have the budget for a full wrap, but still want to utilise the great signage potential their car offers.

When designing for spot graphics, the emphasis needs to be on the logo rather than potential text. There is no other graphics available to draw the eye to your vehicle, so making the logo the most important visual feature is the best way to catch people’s attention when you swish past. The logo should be placed in the prime line of sight positions, and any text you choose to add should be sans serif and relatively bold to make them legible for people in traffic. Examples of well-known sans serif fonts are Arial, Helvetica and Avenir, but there are hundreds out there, so you have ample opportunity to stand out and be different. Keeping it simple yet interesting is the key with all car graphics.

For more information about line of sight check out our other post science behind car wrap deisgn.


Partial wrap

A partial wrap can include many things. Here at Signs WA Joondalup, what we refer to as a partial wrap is minimal wrapped graphics with additional spot graphics. This option is another of the cheaper options for those who do not wish to pay for a full wrap, and with the right designer helping you out, this option can be just as eye catching as any other wrapped vehicle.

Examples of a Partial wrap

The partial wrap is also occasionally referred to as the half wrap, depending on how extensive the graphics are. The variations in this category means that the pricing fluctuates more than some of our other options on this list. When choosing a partial wrap, the important thing is to make sure your budget is set, and the designer works within the parameters of the square meterage you wish to cover when coming up with design options.

Partial wraps usually utilise the prime line of sight spot for the logo and pair it with an eye-catching graphic. A popular choice at the time of writing this blog is a graphic along the bottom of the vehicle paired with highly visible logo placement. The graphic near the bottom of the vehicle helps create a dynamic look, and makes for a highly visible car, without taking away from the logo and the overall message of the vehicle.


¾ Wrap

A ¾ wrap is exactly what it sounds like. Roughly ¾’s of your vehicle will be wrapped with graphics. This is by far the more popular option for Vehicle wraps, since it keeps options open for playing with graphics, but at the same time, keeping the cost down. This option is very versatile when it comes to design. The amount of graphics allowed for gives the designer a lot of freedom to create stunning graphics to fit any company and vehicle.

Examples of a 3/4 wrap

For this option, it’s popular to wrap the back end of the vehicle. Your most prominent place on any vehicle is the rear. This is the part of the vehicle where potential clients have the most time to read the relevant information. This often happens when idle behind you at a light. How often have you been behind a vehicle and thought, oh right, I was looking for something like that? Wrapping the vehicle as per the above means the optimum space is utilised to its fullest potential. There are of course many ways to play with this layout and still make the most of all the optimum placements. But keep all these things in mind when talking to your designer about your car wrap. The important thing is to get the most out of what you have budgeted for, and a good designer will know exactly how to do that.


Full Wrap

Last we have the full wrap. This wrap includes the entire vehicle covered in graphics. The vinyl can include wrapping the roof, but that is not always the case.

A full wrap is of course on the higher end of the price range. The only type of car wrap more expensive is the full colour change wrap. For information about the difference between a commercial full wrap and a colour change please read our blog post on colour vs commercial wraps.

Examples of a Full wrap

The full wrap leaves a lot of freedom to be as funky with your design as you want. But be careful not to go overboard. The design may look great, but keep in mind that it still needs to convey a message in a very short amount of time. As we stated earlier keep it simple yet interesting.

When embarking on a vehicle wrap, make sure you sit down with your designer for a consultation. Talking through what you want out of your wrap and discussing what type of graphics you like, will give your designer the best possible platform to jump from when creating your visuals.

For more information about prices and design, talk to our friendly team at Signs WA Joondalup.


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